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LOVED Essential Oil Roller

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LOVED 10mL Roll-On is a blend of

Lavender essential oil and pure Jojoba Oil.


Promotes feelings of relaxation.  Emotional stability.

Calms anxiety.  Relieves tension.


How to use

Roll over temples, wrists, and nape of your

neck as needed throughout the day.

Helps soothe skin irritations and

combats feelings of stress and anxiety.



Jojoba Oil is a plant that grows in

North America and produces a nut

that has many healing properties. 

Many people use jojoba oil as part

of their skin care routine. There is

plenty of evidence supporting the

use of pure jojoba oil as a remedy f

or acne, dry skin, and countless other

skin conditions.



Moisturizing.  Hypoallergenic. 

Anti-aging.  Antibacterial.